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Atwood Jaunt

This month, I've been taking part in #30daysofslowliving over on my Instagram. It was started by A Girl Named Leney and it's been really helping me to slow down and be mindful, in conjunction with my meditation practice.

For 30 days, you find mindful moments, snap a photo, and explain how you're feeling, what you're thinking, or just caption randomly. I find that pairing the photo with the thought that's running through my head helps me to solidify the feeling.

I found a few places that just so happen to mesh well with this project.

There's a slowness to the Atwood neighborhood – a kind of delicate mosey that you need to have in every step. I captured a couple slow, fleeting moments while taking a stroll for a couple miles. Breathing slowly and paying extra attention to the minutiae of my surroundings.

With spring upon us, I'm going to need to heal my soul with many more jaunts like this...

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