Latasia // Photographer, Designer, Visual Artist


Beyond the Wall Armor

In honor of Game of Thrones, I created a piece of knitted armor for adventures that take you beyond the Wall. This piece was a journey in-and-of itself. I wrote about the start of this project back in July. Since then, I've frogged the project 6 more times, one of my cats had an FHO surgery, I'm meditating more often, and I've decided to switch my knitting stash to all vegan-friendly yarns.


Ripping back this project so many times made me realize that you have to truly be committed to something before pushing through it. As far back as I can remember, I planned everything. I would make lists of my daily routine just to be able to check things off the list.


This project wasn't something I could've planned. There was no pattern for this – no one that had already gone through all of the pitfalls and small triumphs. It took a while, but I finally finished this very large gem. All the car-knitting and explanation of what I was knitting all the time...

I'm not quite sure if I'll sell this project, but I do know that its the warmest piece of knitted clothing I've ever encountered. I'm even considering hanging this thing on my wall for all the trouble it put me through! Such a lofty first project, but how rewarding. Yes, I'll be planning my next large project, but next time I'll plan on feeling beyond frustrated as well.