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Closing The Gap

Day 11 - No, Really, Mind the Gap by  Marcus Peaston

Day 11 - No, Really, Mind the Gap by Marcus Peaston

THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo

This video and a healthy chunk of others have been circulating around the internet – all based on an interview with Ira Glass. I just watched this minutes ago and proceeded to write the following.

Starting today, after weeks of battling a bout of depression, I'm going to start just creating. Going for it. Trying everything I can. Working really hard to find the balance I need. Finding the small payoffs. Shifting my non-existent side hustle to a main hustle.

Hustle: not to be confused with swindling, lying, cheating, etc. – but the reality of hustle. The true nature of it. To just go go go (fucking go). Move, feel, and create.

Step 1

Clean out the studio I never properly moved into. Yeah, I fucking cleaned it. Wiped down the desk, unsuccessfully tried to organize, sat and stared at this god damn computer for hours wondering what the right next step was. How about actually cleaning, organizing, and setting up my studio to push my creative juices through these flat fucking veins? How about that?

Step 2

Once I've created the proper environment – not fawned over it until there wasn't a spec of dust or artwork out of place, but once it has that feel (the one I've been yearning for) – I'm digging into this ball and chain of a mind. Unearthing every idea that's ever come to into it. Meditating for days on end if I can't remember something or need inspiration. Writing it all down because computers were never meant for feeling.

Step 3

Translate – decode, decrypt, decipher which one of these ideas I can run into a wall with. Feel it out. *No planning required. Start fleshing out the ideas that I've wanted to fully form and create for years.

Step 4

Share with the world. Sell my creations. Sell my talents, perspective, and self. Go against my true nature and be a social butterfly for a while. Force myself if I have to. Push my fears aside and let them know they can return when I'm good and damn fucking ready!

Are you ready?