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Devil's Lake

This past Fall, a group of close friends and I took a day trip up to Devil's Lake State Park. It'd been years since I visited Devil's Lake, so it was about time to renew my promise to the massive cliffs that kicked my ass last trip.

Armed with fistfuls of Clif bars and a camera bag not fit for hiking, we started our trek at 7:00 AM. Who knew a simple walk would turn into an 8-mile hike up to Devil's Doorway through a few buttresses and a detour 2 miles out of our way. Inhalers and all, it was refreshing to at least try to breathe in the fresh air!

While everyone else spent more time admiring the view from atop the cliff, I slipped away and meditated for a few minutes. Not that I can say meditating in nature is better than absolutely any view you could ever see, but it was an experience I didn't expect to have that day.

Regardless of the massive tree that fell onto the Potholes Trail – that was already difficult enough to navigate – we enjoyed the clear skies, perfect temperatures, great company, and the views weren't too shabby either!