Latasia // Photographer, Designer, Visual Artist


Downtown Madison

This time last year I realized that, regardless of its small-town nature, Madison has its big city wonder at times. The architecture, the construction, the hustle and bustle...

We made the short walk to Paul's Pel'meni before heading to the Capitol. Though I don't eat there anymore, there's something I miss about the simplicity of their menu. They serve pel'meni – that's it. Dress it up or down, but that's their menu item. It's brilliant and rooted in tradition.

Slapping on our gloves and scarves, we made the trek to the State Capitol.

There's some etherial, yet ominous about viewing your normal surroundings in the middle of the winter cold at night. My perspective changes completely at night. Whether it's adventuring through the city or just driving into darkness to deep, slow music – there's just something magical and haunting about the endless night.