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Get To Work Book

Growing up anywhere near a Type-A person, especially for a parent, you can see how I could be addicted to planners, jotting down notes, and just paper in general. Now multiply that by 100 or so when I found the Get to Work Book.

I had been listening to this creator/maker named Elise on her podcast, Elise Gets Crafty, for a good while. She mentioned this project she had started that was basically the pinnacle of planners. Oh....I was on that shit!


Obviously I pre-ordered one and was chomping at the bit while waiting for this little golden nugget to show up on my doorstep. Depicted in the following photos is my child's excitement for this package. My little tortie, Khali, sniffed it thoroughly, inspected the fuck out of the bubble wrap, and then proceeded to bite everything at least once.

This workbook/planner couldn't have come at a better time. I was planning a trip to Portland, trying to figure out knitting things, scheduling everything on my phone (I'm an analog person when it comes to planning, this was a problem). If I didn't have enough of a reason to buy it at that point – the fact that the release was halfway through the year, instead of the quintessential New Year's resolution beginning, sold me.


This planner saved my brain from spinning in circles. Instead of sitting on an idea for a while, I would write it out on one of the many grid pages within the planner. Of course, there isn't only one type of page! Grid pages, month-view calendars, week-view calendars, project pages, monthly recap and goal setting pages, and the sporadic note page – the fact that all of these beautiful ways of getting information out were bound together simply stuns me.


A piece of my knitting brain threw up all over the in the middle of the week and I embraced it, realizing after over 20 years that you can write what you want, where and how you want to. More to come on that knitting project from hell later. I found a little piece that wasn't covered after a few months and went back to fill it in with a quote from one of my favorite nuanced, trash podcasts – Coffee with Chrachel. The versatility was beyond anything I'd ever known.


Having a creative mind, you'd think that I would've learned the messy lifestyle by now, but no....not my mother's daughter. It was the first time I felt expressive within the confines of planning and organizing. This workbook has made a world of difference in how I attack problems, justify time, and create. I can only hope that everyone has an outlet as versatile as this!