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Herbivorous: August

Of course the festivities never end when the sun's always out...this summer won't quit. I don't say that in a negative way, but man was August a long one! Every weekend was go, go, go. I thought that July was jam-packed with the wedding and the move, but sheesh!

I photographed a couple events, ate sushi at the Fuji that opened on the west side, grabbed drinks at Sprecher's, and ate almost an entire platter of vegan nachos at Tex Tubb's. It's all flown by so fast.

I want to say that I'm completely vegan, but truth be told I've been slipping up. I'd say I'm 90% vegan based on this summer. I've known for a while that I'm a stress eater. Ever since my parents divorce, I've turned to food as comfort. When things got intense at work, I didn't think I'd be eating entire packages of Oreos, going to Taco Bell frequently, or find myself saying things like, "Fuck it! I just want cheese because I feel like shit and want everything to reflect that." I punished my stomach, my morals, and more than anything, my empathetic mind.

I was crying myself to sleep over the thought of the torture, rape, and murder of the animal that suffered for the cheese I ate. I had the notion multiple times that maybe I just needed to be vegetarian because veganism was too difficult for me – all the while, denying the real issue at hand.

I stayed 90% vegan through the summer, but am I okay with 10% of non-human animals suffering for my enjoyment? Not at all. Every bit of sense leaves me when I'm overwhelmed enough. Of course I drank smoothies and destroyed the Coconut Curry at The Alchemy, but did that make up for any of the puss I ate? No – my lactose intolerance is screaming at me!

I may be being a bit harsh on myself, but harsh is the treatment that animals receive and I need to constantly be aware of my values instead of throwing them out the window when I'm stressed. The animals deserve much more than a fleeting thought. They deserve just as much as humans think they're entitled to.

On that note, I'm going to be reflecting much more on how to avoid some the situations I've placed myself in and meditate so that I can be more aware of the arising and passing of these thoughts. Taking the animals into consideration is of the utmost importance to me – especially when it comes to dessert in the form vegan Mocha Crème Brûlée from Rockhound Brewing Company.

Thanks for sticking with me 8 solid months of changing lifelong habits, guys. I super appreciate the support I've gotten and the little jokes that remind me to not be so hard on myself during this transition.