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Herbivorous: December


A year of cataloging my adventure through the Vegan Forest – fighting off wolves who make a joke out of compassion, getting stabbed left and right by the bad vegan food/recipes branches jutting out into the rugged path, and finding my kind and compassionate self under the forest stars. This year has been telling in the way of how much determination it actually takes to rid your life of death.


I hope everyone else has had a productive and fruitful year.
Okay, now into the last month of this year's journey!


As vegan products keep cropping up, I keep eating my way through them! I recently fell into the Sweet Earth Foods hole and snatched up a few burritos while at Target. This Big Sur Burrito had the most convincing vegan scrambled egg wrapped up in it.

I normally hate burritos that mock breakfast, but this was vegan egg surrounded by a wondrous sauce. The burrito paired with a mango pineapple banana smoothie made for a lovely midmorning breakfast. 


The smoothie has been a staple this month because of the snow here – that seems to only occur on the weekends, strangely enough.

Despite the tropical smoothie, every single meal has been comfort food this winter. Stir fry is still the go-to, but the husband has taken a liking to finding new vegan recipes for us to try out – which I couldn't be more excited about.

Monterey Burger with Chips and Salsa (Oh, and I stole a bite of the husband's Open Sesame Stir Fry with Rice)

Monterey Burger with Chips and Salsa (Oh, and I stole a bite of the husband's Open Sesame Stir Fry with Rice)

Adorably-wrapped After Dinner Mint with Cookies

Adorably-wrapped After Dinner Mint with Cookies

Chocolate Truffle dusted with Coconut Flakes

Chocolate Truffle dusted with Coconut Flakes

My best friend for over a decade moved to Georgia just a few days ago. Squeezing in some last moments before her trek south, we met in the Wisconsin Dells. Just hours before leaving, I scrambled to find a place for us to eat!

I immediately hopped on Happy Cow and tried to find anything resembling vegetarian – because it's assumed that the Dells doesn't have much in the way of vegetables really, let alone vegetarian places.

Low and behold, there was a fucking VEGAN PLACE! I could not believe it! Especially because it's called the Cheeze Factory – literally a gutted cheese factory transformed into vegan heaven.

Everyone was strangely okay with going there – which I'm definitely not accustomed to because most people would rather crack a joke about carrots crying – but I should've known that my best friend would be more than happy to try some vegan food (she tried the Fisch Fry Sandwich and was pleasantly surprised). We practically stole the chocolate truffles and chocolate chip cookie because we were so impressed! Being that it's only a 45-minute drive, the husband and I will be visiting much more frequently.

Oh, and my birthday came and went – including some fucking delicious vegan pistachio cupcakes from a coworker. Everyone was so sweet and thoughtful.

Another year older, but my first month being fully vegan. This is surprisingly easy now that I've cycled through all of my condiments and extricated the non-vegan snack stash in my apartment.

A friend recently congratulated me on my determination and dedication to becoming vegan. Until that conversation, I thought it was actually easy. Now that I've reflected on the past year, it wasn't always easy and it was beyond gratifying to hear someone say that aloud.

Encouragement – whether in the form of a compliment regarding my accomplishment, my best friend enjoying her vegan meal, or the constant push from my husband to stay on track – is required to get through any change in lifestyle. I'm lucky to have such a strong foundation of people who supported me through this! I hope and wish for everyone to have such a close-knit, loving group of people to help them achieve their life goals.

I'll be checking in every so often on my vegan excursions and more serious vegan topics, but this is it for the Herbivorous series. It's been a time! Thanks for checking in and joining me on this journey.

Have a lovely 2017 – filled with positive vibes, movement regarding your personal goals (i.e. getting shit done), taking time to care for yourself, surrounding yourself with warm, kind souls, and filled with compassion and loving kindness for all living things. These are my sincerest wishes for all of you. Happy New Year!