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Herbivorous: February

Hallo February! Wow this month came and went like a horribly long flight to Nepal with a screaming baby and someone sleeping on your shoulder. I was sick for the better part of the month because why not?! Did it stop me from eating vegan? Maybe a little.

When you're as sick as I was, you lose all sense of smell, taste, and memory. There were two days of meat/dairy consuming that I'm not proud of. Being that I was sick for a few weeks, that seemed like the whole month, I could've cared less what was going into my body. Someone could've placed a pile of dirt in front of me, called it chocolate, and I would've eaten it. I lost most of my faculties related to vegan anything.

A realigning weekend with some old friends (that took care of me when instructed not to and made me the best tea concoctions ever because they love me) reminded me that you only get out of your body what you put in. It dawned on me that my body has been telling me to go to the doctor for a while now. I had just kept putting it off in hopes that it would resolve itself. Nope, didn't work. Not last time, not this time, not any time in the history of times.

When I got home, I ventured into my kitchen to make the craziest blend of turmeric milk known to human kind. It had everything from the standard turmeric and coconut milk to black pepper and chili powder. I have no idea what it tasted like, don't bother asking. It even looked like mud!

This was followed by numerous visits to the doctor's office, tea like you wouldn't believe, gin and tonics (because it kills germs, right?), and eucalyptus steams. I decided that I couldn't do another day of screwing up my body. It was bad enough that I was sick, but then I just had to top it off with more crap being loaded into my body. I wasn't in my right mind.

I got back on the grind of vegan meals as soon as I was feeling better. I had vegan pizza with potato slices baked on top and the best damn tempeh chickpea masala a lady could ask for (or make because, let's be honest, this is my best recipe to date)!

Being vegan should never take a backseat when you're not feeling well. You'd think it would be even more important when you're not feeling well to eat a plant-based, whole foods, vitamin-rich diet. Of course, I'm not aligned with my body quite yet and don't know what it needs beyond rest and some good fucking vegan food. I'm working my way there. Now if only I could learn to sleep...