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Herbivorous: July

All of July was quick and dirty meals. What with the wedding, moving, working – there was no time to even think about eating. I got bagels with scallion tofu cream cheese delivered to me by the fiancée, found Hampton Creek's Just Cookie Dough, grabbed coffee when I could (one in particular that had fucking lavender syrup in it), and ordered a salad at work because I'm insane – I hate salads, what was I thinking?

But I found time to go out with frandz to Banzo and eat the fuck out of some falafel with tahini, eggplant, and chips – and maybe I found time to stir fry Chickenless Strips from Trader Joe's with some veggies that one night.

My cousins were beyond adorable gifting me a 6-pack of vegan chocolate cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes as a wedding present – because, let's be honest, the hubby didn't get a single one of them!

After things starting settling down at the end of the month, the hubby and I decided it was time to make another homemade vegan pizza! From the looks of it, I can't go a single month without eating pizza at least twice. Why change now? Maybe I'll try more variations, like this seriously thick crust?!