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Herbivorous: June

In preparation for a wedding, we made a weekend trip to Chicago to find wedding garb that fit the occasion. We stopped off at The Chicago Diner for some mean vegan eats! I basically died from all of this glorious food. A Buddha's Karma Burger paired with Mac & Teeze...I could barely stand up after I ate everything. That didn't stop me from snagging one of their infamous vegan shakes though. Chocolate Peanut Butter to be exact – and yes, I drank every last drop!

I've actually had a fairly fun time trying out new drinks this month. Grabbed a blended matcha with soy milk from Crescendo and tried a young coconut meat/coconut milk smoothie combination – I've had a solid run.

In the midst of moving, I've even thrown together some cold brew coffee with maple syrup as sweetener and was pretty impressed with myself (ratios are the hardest). After sweating for days on end packing, playing Tetris in the apartment, and moving things from one place to another, a night out was in order. We had planned on just stopping in to One Barrel Brewing to grab a drink and then head out, but we spent a few hours there instead because beer samplers started happening.

All in all, it was a solid month of preparing for major life changes to come. So why not eat out almost every day the week before you move and treat yourself to vegan pizza from Glass Nickel? There's no reason not too. Cooking wasn't about to happen with all of our dishes packed and no one had energy to cook anyway. I highly recommend saving up a little extra for your move just so that you don't have to think about the logistics of packing up a quarter of your kitchen at a time!