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Herbivorous: March

Not going to lie, guys. This month was seriously difficult. My health took a dip and everything is a bit off right now. You know when you don't feel well, so you start eating things you wouldn't normally eat if you were in your right mind, but you eat them anyways because nothing has a taste and everything's foggy? Yeah – that was definitely me this past month.

Of course being ill is no excuse for compromising my morals/ethics by eating animal flesh and animal byproducts. I have to constantly remind myself that this is a transitional period, so I can't be so hard on myself because then I will default back to the diet/lifestyle that I'm used to.

To combat this, I try to make sure that I'm getting the necessities throughout the day, which includes referring to an app called Cronometer to check that I'm meeting the RDA requirements for protein, fats, vitamins, etc. – all while satiating my snacky nature. That being said, I was completely unprepared for feeling so awful.

Chippies (potato wedges) are your best friend.

Chippies (potato wedges) are your best friend.

The best god damn sauciness around town!

The best god damn sauciness around town!

Vegan pizza anyone?    Luigi's    has some kickass options – TRY THE DOUGH KNOTS!

Vegan pizza anyone? Luigi's has some kickass options – TRY THE DOUGH KNOTS!

I'm one of those people who waits until they can't walk before they go into the doctor, so the simple fact that I had two doctor's appointments – that I actually went to – in a single month shocks me. I'm learning more and more to listen to my body and not to ignore something that's a glaring issue just because "it could be worse".

Balancing my health issues with the fuel that I'm putting into my body everyday has been tricky. I've been researching a lot more about different things people have cut out of their diets that have solved similar issues to mine in the past, but some issues can't be solved solely by switching up what you're intaking.

All in all, I didn't make the best decisions this month. I ended up gorging on Taco Bell a couple nights, drinking alcohol mixed with a super sugary juice, and eating super fatty foods (Bloat City, people). I let pain and discomfort dictate what I was putting into my body and didn't have the necessary meals and snacks ready to ingest.

Planning – one of the major keys to successful change. I'm hoping to immerse weekly planning for meals into my Sunday schedule so that I don't have to think so much if I have an off day or feel like complete shit. And really – shouldn't we all be planning and prepping our meals ahead of time when most "fast food" options are processed, GMO-filled bullshit anyways?