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Herbivorous: May

Out of all of my Herbivorous months, May wasn't really tough. At every turn, it just seemed to get easier. I got to check out Freshii on the west side of Madison because of some kickass friends, which was a major success. They have a Jamba Juice/Noodles & Company feel with their clean, minimalistic space and their simple ingredients with killer combinations of foods.

I snatched up a Buddha Bowl, grabbed a green juice, and felt seriously energized the rest of the day! Not that I did anything productive or worth noting, but you get what I mean. Plus, the mission statement on their wall got me super jazzed to keep eating a clean, healthy, vegan diet and left me with that overall good feeling (sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up).

With our move on the horizon, I set up the juicer for the last time before packing it up, along with all the other kitchen appliances. We wanted to get everything as packed as possible what with our wedding around the corner, a move in the works, and major plans every weekend (some hiking trips, music festivals, a PC gaming conference, etc) – basically the more we packed early, the better off we were! I threw the last bit of fruit and veggie I had into that little vital machine – including apples, mint, carrots, grapefruit, kale, and lemons – and packed that puppy up!

Then there's the wondrous Chicken-Less Strips from Trader Joe's, which revolutionized my "stir fry for dinner every night because I don't have time to think" routine. These suckers paired with Soyaki (soy-based teriyaki sauce) and some fresh rice noodles and I was golden for the night. I could stir fry anything and everything...and I have. Sometimes, I just keep adding things to the wok until it seems unruly!

I finished May off strong by getting rid of the rest of my bananas by way of massive amounts of smoothies (almost every other morning) so that I basically didn't have anything fresh to eat because the next month or so is going to be nothing but "heat'em up" meals. I know, not the healthiest, but with our move creeping up, I'm not taking any chances!

The next few months, if not all of the summer, is going to be dedicated to some serious packing, family time, last minute wedding things, and recuperating after a non-stop, booked summer. If you don't hear from me, know that I've gotten married to the love of my life, moved into a new space, and had a shit ton of fun this summer! I plan on doing a recap in August if all else fails and I can't keep up with everything. Keep spreading the vegan message!