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Herbivorous: November

Well it came and went like any other day...November 10th – the first day I went vegan cold turkey (pun intended). Last year, I decided (right before Thanksgiving) that I was going to become vegan. I had watched multiple documentaries, read through tens of vegan recipes, and cried for hours filled with empathy for living things across the globe.


While it's all fun and games when you're looking up vegan recipes, trying out peanut butter overnight oats, or making apple crisp, you don't realize how quickly the sadness sets in.

When I came to, after years of zombifying depression meds, my empathy was bursting. I started meditating to quiet everything in my mind – which had the adverse effect of amplifying everything. This empathy seriously kicked in while watching hours of documentaries and videos on YouTube about the rape, torture, and murder of animals that are "harvested" for meat and other products.

I decided that enough was enough and stopped eating animal products right away. This resulted in some terrible weeks that made up an adjustment period for my body to revolt in hatred of sudden change. I mean, I was already lactose intolerant and filling my stomach with 4-8 lactose pills at least once a day, so why not fuck it up even further?

I figured it would be awful for a few weeks and then I'd get over it. fucking wrong. I had a solid month of vegan everything – at least for the things I was slightly educated on...who knows if everything I ate was vegan at the time because what the fuck is whey anyway?! – and then shit started to turn for the worse.

I forgot the part where I'm an emotional eater and when I'm upset, all bets are off. So I fucked up a million and a half times, so what? I tried. I kept trying. I tried until it just became the norm. I figured if this issue touched my soul so deeply that I would lie awake in horror because of the disgusting things humans do to other species incessantly, then it was fucking important.

So for a year, I pushed myself to rid my body and my home of all things that contribute to the rape, torture, murder, and general harm of non-human animals through my lifestyle choices.

My take on roti and fry bread combined into one lovely little puffy crusty was a first try. Sue me.

My take on roti and fry bread combined into one lovely little puffy crusty was a first try. Sue me.

So here I am, at the end of November, one year into this vegan journey and I can safely say that I'm fully vegan as of November 10th, 2016. The past 20 days have been a breeze cooking vegan recipes (mostly from Minimalist Baker because she's a badass), eating out wherever the fuck I want (cause you'll fucking figure it out if you want vegan food at a BBQ place, okay?), and both enjoying and loathing conversations and comments from family, friends, and strangers on the internet.

I regressed a shit ton over the past year because of emotional eating, being in a pickle for food choices, and loving cheese as much as I do (Follow Your Heart cheese is the fucking best – fight me). I learned a lot about convenience and all the ingredients you never knew were code for "an animal fucking died for this". I gained a deep understanding of where my food actually comes from and figured out that I do lack vitamin B, along with every other vitamin on the planet!

I'm still working on cutting out junk food, but I can be okay with not being completely healthy if nothing is suffering and eventually dying for me to purchase and consume.

Health is important to life, but some of us don't even get the chance to live, let alone be healthy.


** Side Note: There was a ton of swearing in this. Not that I'm apologizing...because I'm fucking passionate about this shit, okay? It's more than important to me; it's vital.