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Herbivorous: October

Diwali just ended and I got vegan sweets! I love new traditions that come with new treats. These little babies are perfect when you don't want something super sweet, but salty isn't an option. That with a little cha...I was in heaven.

Indian food is pretty easy to vegan-ify. Take out the ghee (clarified butter), replace it with oil, and you're set! So I spent a few days living off of Diwali leftovers and more matcha. It was glorious!


October is the month of pumpkin as far as I'm concerned. I don't celebrate Halloween, but I'll eat the fuck out of all the pumpkin things.

We stopped off at our last farmer's market of the season. East Side Ovens made a kick ass pumpkin cake that I had to pick up. If I could eat a 9" x 13" pan of this with 6 of Trader Joe's pumpkin rolls every day, I'd be set for the whole month.


Holding strong at about 95% vegan and this homemade vegan lasagna is getting me through that last 5%. I didn't even realize that I missed lasagna because I've always hated ricotta cheese. I would even venture to say I didn't like lasagna until this homemade vegan lasagna.

In the next 10 days, I'm kicking the last 5% of my non-vegan eating habits and going to consider myself fully vegan. It's been an interesting year for food in my life. I can't wait to reflect on this past year's vegan adventures!