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Herbivorous: September

Still grinding out on the matcha, but still drinking the Coke and coffee. I'm halfway there, guys! September has been a hyper-focused, caffeinated month. Trying to ween off caffeine has become a juggling act between all types of liquids. Water is now my drink of choice just for convenience and lack of preparation necessary. Still have to kick that Coke habit though!

I found my absolute favorite cold brew at the local Target – STUMPTOWN! I discovered this cold brew during my visit to Portland. Stumptown brews the richest, fullest coffee I've ever had and I highly recommend that anyone and everyone try all of their coffee-laced goodness!

While at Target, I also spotted the glorious Hampton Creek's Just Cookie Dough. For someone who used to eat raw cookie dough and is trying her hardest to be vegan, this was a godsend. If you're looking for some vegan treats, hit up Target...they will not disappoint.

I think it's been pretty equal between eating out and making food at home for the past few weeks. Surprisingly enough, I thought eating out would be much more difficult, but I've learned that Madison, Wisconsin is pretty veg-friendly and chain-restaurants aren't always the devil. I've been hitting up Burrachos, Which Wich, and Taco Bell lately. I never thought for a minute that I could eat at all of these places with this much ease.

I may trying to be vegan, but I never said I was trying to be healthy!