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Humid Tundra

My first series of knitted hats is finished!

I would've never thought that I would type that phrase, let alone admit to knitting at all. Knitting doesn't seem to be widely accepted in the Midwest unless you are age 82 with a minimum of 37 wrinkles. I thought to myself, "There has got to be a 20-something out there that knits. I can't be the only one." Low and behold, the Internet pulled through for me.


Who knew Instagram housed a community of knit lovers, yarn addicts, and fiber dying fanatics? Well it didn't take me much time to find the hidden gems of the knitting community. I've been sharing my own knitting for a few months now, but realized this community pushed me to think about knitting in a whole different light.

Dyers like Madeline Tosh, Republic of Wool, and North Bound Knitting have solidified my love of color - originating from a young age. Designers, such as Andrea Mowry (dreareneeknits), Alexandra Tavel (twoofwands), Annie Rowden (byannieclaire), and Stephen West (westknits), pushed the limit of what I thought was possible with knitting and have released some of the most superb patterns - whether they be intricate or simple.

The most surprising thing I found? The sheer amount of avid knitters on Instagram. Knitters of all ages, knitters that are my age, knitters that have been knitting for decades, knitters that are 8 years old! It just blew my mind. After seeing what all of these individuals created and continue to create involving knitting, I decided not to sit idle.

I was knitting very randomly - picking up a different project every so often and just dabbling with stitch patterns. I realized I wanted a cohesive collection of knitted items that matched in a way, but had their own subtle differences. I love winters in the Midwest (unless I have to drive somewhere), so I decided on a series of chunky knitted hats.


Knitting in summer sounds insane, but it didn't take long for me to fall in love with summer knitting. I love bulky weight yarn, so the woolen heat radiating from these luscious fibers didn't phase me. The name Humid Tundra was bound to pop into my mind. A recurring collection of winter knits to be created in summer and released in fall - this is going to be killer!


Throughout furiously knitting these hats, I learned that knitting in public didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. People stare - okay, so what? I'm a "grandma" and I'm proud of it! Although, knitting as a passenger in a car that's bumping Bassnectar and Diplo - bobbing my head to the dirty dubstep/bass beats - probably looks a bit ridiculous. I seriously could give a shit less! Plus, the music kept me in a rhythm. More on knitting in public and people's perceptions in an upcoming post.

I am excited and anxious to release the first annual Humid Tundra collection. To purchase any of the following knits pictured here, head over to my Etsy shop. Otherwise, feel free to read another knit story: Woolves Knit. Enjoy!

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