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Mahhh-tcha: Transcending Tea

Recently I've been weening myself off of soda and found myself seeking a caffeine replacement that wasn't so absolutely terrible for my body (damn you, Coke). There were months of failed attempts. Caffeine patches so that I wouldn't get headaches from withdrawal, black teas out the wazoo, and feeling drained at every turn because I didn't want to jump on the bullet train to a caffeine high.

I've always thought I was a tea person just because I drank so damn much of it. I realize now that I've been trying to be a tea person and secretly hating it because an additive was necessary. I craved that sugary goodness mixed into my tea, whether it be in the form of straight sugar, agave, honey, or maple syrup. I was tainting the "tea experience" and couldn't help it. I had drank too many sodas laced with sugar and dulled every single taste bud by over-sweetening most of my beverages.

Enter matcha.

While I could go on for hours about the subtle, nuanced flavor or the sweet aroma of matcha, it really is all about the health benefits. It wasn't until months after my first sip that I dove into the laundry list of benefits that matcha provides.

  • Antioxidants galore!
  • Copious amounts of vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, chlorophyll, fiber, and other shit you should really be concerned about.
  • Cranks up your metabolism, burns calories, and detoxifies the body.
  • Makes you less of a cranky asshole (enhances your mood) and maybe you can focus for once without being jittery and crashing later (aids in concentration).
  • Lowers cholesterol, reduces blood sugar levels, and prevents disease – meh, no one really cares, right?
  • Helps you to chill the fuck out (calms the mind and relaxes the body).

After drinking matcha for a couple months now, I think it's safe to say that I've experienced each and every one of these benefits and there's no turning back now. Yes, I've had 2 cokes this week still, but coming from a 3-cokes-a-day lifestyle, this is a major improvement!

I've cut down and am hoping that matcha will soon replace things beyond my coke consumption – i.e. my coffee addiction (cough, cough). Without that caffeine spike and major crash after two hours, I'm getting shit tons more done and feeling more even-keeled than I ever have with caffeine. Coming from an anxiety-ridden person, this is also a great option for people who get the jitters (heart palpitations) when drinking coffee or soda. There isn't a single reason I've found that doesn't support this amazing elixir!

If anything, try matcha out for a week instead of your standard morning coffee or mid-afternoon soda. You'll thank that miracle tea leaf for providing you with the added boost you needed without the shitty side affects!