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Midwest LAN .reboot

Last August was enthralling for me in so many ways. Staying up for hours on end to capture the action happening in a tournament, snagging shots of truly passionate players, and being surrounded by fellow gamers – this was an ideal weekend for me!

Midwest LAN is a local group of gaming nerds that hold events such as this to create a space for people who thoroughly enjoy video games, competitive multiplayer co-op games and explorative solo missions alike.

When tournaments are going on, it becomes a high-intensity room where everyone is shouting in excitement or laughing hysterically. Yet, in the wee hours of the morning, there is a subtle stillness when gamers are catching up on their own games or practicing for their next tournament.

In addition to the cash prizes and sponsored giveaways, they paired with Extra Life – which is a charity that supports the healing of children in local hospitals.

It's an absolute riot to be surrounded by gamers of every variety – from competitive Starcraft and Rocket League tournaments to laid back Super Smash Bros – where pizza and soda was the main meal and there was a respect and love for fellow gamers.

Another event is right around the corner too! Midwest LAN: Arctic Warfare is next weekend from February 24th - 26th. New sponsors, new prizes, and a ton of new gamers!

I can't wait for next weekend!