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Portland: Part 2

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Being that I had seemingly arrived at home as soon as we landed in Portland, it was no surprise that I'd find tons of knitting shops. I cannot explain how excited I was to get knit nerdy and caress all the yarns! The two shops I was determined to visit were Happy Knits and Knit Purl. I didn't have anything in particular that I needed to purchase for any projects, but boy did I peruse. I did end up grabbing a couple Madeline Tosh unicorn tails from Knit Purl though! I couldn't make it over to Happy Knits because the Portland streetcar was under construction on that side of town. I promise to visit next time we travel to Portland, which will definitely need to happen in the next few years.

Breweries, breweries, breweries. When you do a brewery tour, you don't expect to be picked up in a gutted school bus with beer-themed comics painted on the ceiling and rope lights all around the interior. Paired with an all-knowing brew guide, Matthew, this Brewvana brewery tour was the best beer-centric event I've ever attended. Guys...I'm from Wisconsin, this is a big deal. While it's known as the beer state, Wisconsin needs to step up it's brewery tour game!

We had three delicious stops on the brewery tour docket. The variety of beers from one brewery to another was phenomenal. Base Camp had robust, flavorful beer choices that I could probably find a food pairing for in a under a minute and their staff were beyond knowledgable about the process. Seriously, beer is not only a craft, but a science! The Commons had classy, fruit based options and their own fucking cheesemonger with a small cheese shop inside (which bothered me, but I still associate cheese with the word classy for some reason when talking about alcohol -- damn that Midwest conditioning). Our last stop was Migration Brewing, which was nothing short of amazing with their finger foods and lovely full-bodied dark beers.  I truly hope that one, if not all, of these breweries branches off and heads over to the Midwest.


Needless to say, I hadn't given up on the notion that Portland could still suck. I guess I wasn't trying hard enough at that point. Over the next few days, I figured I'd try relentlessly. I'll tell everyone all about my continued efforts over the next couple weeks!