Latasia // Photographer, Designer, Visual Artist


Starved Rock & Matthiessen State Parks

This Earth Day, I wanted to share two not-so-hidden gems – Starved Rock State Park and Matthiessen State Park. Through gorges, wooden bridges, and waterfalls, we had the opportunity to inhabit some pretty inaccessible areas. Here, it's common to frogger your way over the beginning of a waterfall using only the loose, wobbly rocks meticulously placed as a makeshift path.

I wish for nothing more than to be entrenched in those gorges for hours at a time. Treating spaces like this with kindness and gratitude is the only way to continue filling yourself the life-giving energy that it provides. Don't take this Earth for granted. Do what you can – reduce your waste, volunteer, go vegan, pick up trash in your local parks or anywhere you go really, do your research and help in whatever way you can – small or large.

Treat the Earth with the utmost respect because all it ever does is try to do the same for you.