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When The Dust Settles – Kari Arnett


When Kari decides to do something, she puts her absolute heart and soul into it. She's honed her craft of storytelling through songwriting as well as sung her way through ups and downs.

"Out of Arnett flows some of the most chillingly beautiful vocals. Watching Arnett last night I was reminded of early Stevie Nicks mixed with a twinge of Dolly Parton. Arnett’s heartfelt lyrics are ones that stop you in your tracks; she sings with a presence that commands attention." – Jessica Boldt (Twin Cities Media)

With her first EP, Midwestern Skyline, Kari set the tone that has continued to ring true throughout her new work – authenticity and songs with soul. After three years of touring, celebrating her first EP, and self-discovery – Kari Arnett is releasing her debut full-length album!

I'm beyond stoked to share Kari's newest project, When The Dust Settles – an album that contains a massive message of camaraderie belted out by one powerhouse of a singer! Pre-order this album and other kickass rewards over on Kickstarter – she's already over halfway there!

"She has that kind of voice, with the range and command it takes to summon deep, sometimes dark emotions." – Randy Erickson (La Crosse Tribune)

I'm grateful to Kari for allowing me to film and edit this video along with taking photos of her throughout the process. This Kickstarter campaign is just the beginning and I can't wait to see where it takes her and how far her message spreads!

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